Bom Bom Patisserie offers unique and delicious celebration cakes to order for all occasions.

We create every cake from scratch in our Loughborough kitchen, using skills and techniques refined from years of training, experience and experimentation.

We specialise in buttercream masked cakes which can be finished with a ganache drip.  These can be customised to your preference of size, flavour, finish, colour scheme and topping.

Gluten and dairy-free cakes are also available.




We create round cakes that are greater in height (around 6") than a typical shop-bought cake. The diameter (width) of cake required will depend on the number of portions you require:

4" = approx. 4-8 portions

6" = approx. 10-16 portions

8" = approx. 20-30 portions

10" = approx. 36-48 portions

The lower end of the ranges above would typify dessert sized portions, whereas the upper end would be more typical of party-sized portions.


We offer multi-tiered cakes for greater portion numbers. You can choose different flavours for each tier too.  Stacked cakes require internal reinforcement in the lower tiers to ensure the finished cake is structurally stable.

If you are unsure of how many and what size tiers you should go for, simply tell us how many people you'd like to feed via our contact form and we can make a recommendation.



Our flavours are created by combining fillings with the flavoured sponge layers as listed below.

Minor alterations to these combinations may be possible - please enquire via our contact form.

Chocolate ganache (chocolate sponge)

Chocolate orange (chocolate sponge)

Chocolate & salted caramel (chocolate sponge)

Vanilla white chocolate (vanilla sponge)

Raspberry & white chocolate (vanilla sponge)

Espresso & pecan (coffee sponge)

Strawberries & cream (vanilla sponge)

Lemon infusion (lemon sponge)

Passionfruit syrup (vanilla sponge)

Rainbow (six differently coloured vanilla sponges)



The outside of the cake is expertly finished with smooth buttercream in one of a few styles which you can see below. This can be combined with a chocolate ganache drip (or not) and decoration on top such as fresh fruit or piped buttercream and sprinkles.


The finish is the part we love the most, so if you are happy for us to let our creativity run free with as little information as you like, we can look after the rest!

Toppers & specials


We offer wooden cake toppers to add that something special to the decoration on top of your cake.  We stock some popular designs such as "Happy birthday" and Just married", or can create custom toppers as you require.

If you are looking for something extra special, we also decorate cakes with a theme. You can see below cakes created with the theme of Minnie Mouse, Star Wars and one of our most popular designs, the unicorn :)



We create unique wedding cakes to compliment your perfect day. Our wedding cake service includes a tasting and design consultation at our Loughborough store, so you can choose your cake flavours for each tier and finalise your dream design. Check our Insta for recent and past examples of our wedding cakes.



Price depends on size and complexity of the design. We tend to quote cakes individually, but the following table provides a guide based on a few popular designs:

*Our wedding service includes a tasting and design consultation session at our Loughborough store.  The session is charged at £40.00 (payable on attendance), and deducted from the total to pay if you choose to go with us for your wedding cake.



How do I order a cake from you?

Fill out the form on our contact page with your requirements, and we'll get back to you with our availability for the date you have requested.

If I request a cake on a particular date, is it guaranteed that you'll be able to provide a cake?

As all our cakes are custom made on an individual basis, we cannot always guarantee we'll be able to provide a cake on the date you have requested. Once you contact us with your details, we will check our diary, and let you know one way or the other if we can provide something.

So, how far in advance should I try to book to have a good chance of being able to get a cake from you?

We can get very busy with cakes, particularly for weekend orders, but if you are able to get in touch 4-5 weeks in advance of the date you would like a cake, there should be a good chance of us having availability. That said, this is just a guideline. Sometimes we are booking even further in advance of this, and sometimes we may have some unexpected spaces for the same week, so it's always worth a try.

Do you deliver?

Yes.  We offer delivery within 5 miles of our Loughborough store for £5. We can provide delivery further afield than this, subject to availability and an additional charge. Just let us know your address when you contact us using our form and we can advice on availability and cost.

How do I pay?

For orders being collected below £100, you are welcome to pay for your cake upon collection in our store by cash or card over the counter. You can also pop into the store any time before to make payment. If your order is being delivered or if you prefer to pay by bank transfer, let us know and we can send through an invoice with payment details.

For orders over £100, we ask for a 25% deposit upon confirmation of the order (payable in store or online), with the remainder due one week prior to the collection/delivery date.

I'm collecting my cake.  How do I transport it?

We provide your cake in a cake box, but without a lid to ensure there is no damage to the decoration. We are happy to help you get your boxed cake to your mode of transport (we have parking nearby), and recommend you place your cake in the passenger footwell, in the boot of the car or any other flat surface. We would also recommend careful driving for the rest of your trip!

How long do the cakes keep?

As our cakes are made using fresh ingredients with no preservatives, our cakes are best enjoyed on the day of handover or delivery. However, we do guarantee our cakes for 72 hours, as long as storage guidelines are followed. You are welcome to keep our cakes longer than this, but we cannot be held responsible for their condition past our 72 hour guarantee.

How do I store my cake?

Cakes are best stored in a cool, dry place until serving. In hot weather, refrigeration is recommended, but cakes should be removed from the fridge approximately one hour before serving to allow the cake to soften. We recommend that you do not place the cake in direct sunlight or near heating sources at any time.

You give an estimate of the number of portions each cake size provides, but what size are these portions? 

As an example, a 6" cake is quoted to provide 10-16 portions. This indicates that the cake would provide 10 generous portions (enough to serve on a small plate alone as a dessert) and 16 party-sized portions (suitable as a snack or to serve alongside other sweets). 

If I send you a picture of a cake I like, can you copy it?

We think our customers love our cakes because they have a unique style, which you can hopefully see from the selection of photos on our website. This is why we don’t copy cakes from pictures.

Do you do cakes with fondant icing?

Our style of cakes uses Swiss meringue buttercream to create a smooth, sharp appearance. We do not work with fondant icing as a cake covering.

How about models made of icing to decorate a cake?

Making models from icing can take a long time. As a business, we need to ensure we cover our costs, and so we would have to charge more than we would like in order to make icing models for cakes. We prefer instead not to offer these as part of our cake decoration.